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Pay Per Click: How has it redefined Digital Marketing

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Internet has changed the way we live in this world. It has made our lives way easier than it used to be in the earlier times. From Online shopping to Socialising with people, we are just one click away from doing things which were exhaustive earlier.

One area which has witnessed a massive change is advertising. Advertising earlier used to be confined to Ads on Local Magazines, Billboards and TV commercial which created a dent in the pocket of advertisers. However the arrival of Digital Marketing has made advertisement more economical and way more effective and efficient. Now your company or shop’s presence is not just confined to your town or city, through Digital Marketing your firm could have a national or even international presence. There are many case studies of small business firms who have made it large due to proper Digital Marketing.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about an online advertising model named as Pay Per Click and how it has redefined the Digital Marketing Scenario.

Pay Per Click is an online advertising model through which traffic is directed to the websites of client and the payment by the advertisers is made to the publisher( which could be a website or a search engine) each time when the ad is clicked. It could be said to a method in which you pay to bring visitors to your site or in other words buy visitors for your site instead of gaining them organically. In case of search engines such as Google, the method followed is that of Bidding in which, position of an advertiser’s ad is determined on the basis of their Rank, which is determined through taking into consideration two aspects, First being an advertiser’s CPC or Cost per click’s bid and Second, their Quality Score (Determined on the basis of quality of landing page, The Keywords used, as Google wouldn’t want to display pages which are not at par with the quality).

In case of content sites, a fixed Price Per Click is used rather than bidding system. Overall, PPC is a great advertising tool for Web Users, Advertisers and the advertising agency. As users get to deal with the relevant company without dealing with unnecessary pages, at the same time Advertisers get access to customers which could lead to higher conversion, and paying $3 to an advertising agency to strike a deal worth $300 is anytime fruitful for the business. Also for an advertising agency, advertisement plays a huge role in contributing to their revenue. (Google earns 97% of its revenue from advertising alone).

So this is all about PPC and how it has changed the digital marketing scenario in the world.

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