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Paypal has received donations worth about $7.3 billion in 2016

paypal_logoUnitd States based Paypal has said that it has processed transactions that sent donations for charitable organizations worth over $7.3 billion (Rs 50,000 crores). Of this, approxmately $1 billion happened in the recent holiday season that started in November on Giving Tuesday. The maximum number of transactions were recorded on New Year’s Eve. The average amount given by users was at about $93. There were many people who donated as little as $1 and $5. 21% of all donations came from smart phones or tablets. This is a massive 12% increase as compared to the previous year.

If you tally up the donations given by people just during the holiday season, about $971.21 million were donated to charitable organizations. There were over 8 million PayPal users from 181 countries who made these contributions. The largest donation given was over $230,000 .i.e. Rs 1.5 crores.

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