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Peace with China, military ties with Japan; India’s multirole foreign policy

After talking peace with China at the BRICS Summit, India is making efforts to boost military ties with Japan. This multirole foreign policy is based on the premise that one should never keep all their eggs in one basket. Furthermore, history clearly shows that India has been betrayed by China once and India cannot afford to make the same mistake again. China may have talked about terrorism originating from Pakistan, but China can never be trusted to go against Pakistan. It may be recalled that China has constantly called Pakistan an all-weather friend, which implies that India should always approach with caution when dealing with China.

To improve its defenses, India is seeking to boost military ties with Japan. Defense Minister Arun Jaitley visited Japan and held discussions on boosting defense ties between the two countries. Japan and China are rivals, which works to the advantage of India. Japan and China have several territorial disputes, due to which there’s constant tension between the two countries. Historically also, both countries have been at war many times in the past. During Jaitley’s visit to Japan, both countries agreed to conduct joint anti-terrorism exercises for the first time next year. India and Japan will train together in anti-submarine warfare and anti-mine warfare exercises. India and Japan military ties will also help to check the growth of Chinese navy and its rising influence in the region.

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