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  • You cannot and must not try to please everyone…can’t have it all
    • Growing up in a society like ours come with its unique set of challenges and pressures. Knowingly or unknowingly, we develop an urge to try and please everyone around us, we want to be the ideal son/daughter, the doting BF/GF, the cool, street-smart boy/girl next door, the well-cultured boy/girl, the class topper, the athlete, a favourite of all….although one can manage to pull this off most of the time(well, I personally think even “most” of the time is an overstatement, but then I know of people who actually “manage”, PHEW!!)..but then, mark my words..There will “definitely” be times when even the best amongst all will find it difficult to be the “ideal” that we so want to be…we will annoy people, displease some, disappoint others, offend few..But then rather than jumping on a guilt trip we must hold our own and learn to the see the real selves beyond the images that we portray to others and have so carefully built and preserved ..we need to accept our demons..embrace them rather coz only then can we go beyond them…
  • Time heals…everything is better the next morning, sleep over it
    • Our lives are precious opportunities, we get to live as ourselves just once and we need to make the most out of it…through the course of life, failures, misfortunes, loss, grief are almost as certain as is sunrise after each retrospect, everything assumes a newer, more profound meaning and the pain, sadness felt so intensely initially,later fades into memories giving way to deeper realisations regarding the truth of our existence… it might be a break-up, a failure in THE most important exam u think u will ever take, a loss of a dear one, just remember the tides of time will help you sail through anything and won’t hurt as much as it did the last evening..just trust me and try to sleep over it 
  • Success is not a destination, it’s a journey
    • Stop looking at positions as your dream, look at the path you want to pursue..might sound clichéd and its easier said than done coz though 3 idiots did make us believe “kabil bano, kamyabi jhak maar ke picche ayegi”, success doesn’t always follow so easy more than often it’s a result of long, hard struggle and determination so don’t give up when u are not instantly gratified….things will fall in place and just like Steve Jobs you would be able to connect the dots in retrospect
  • Before u jump onto the relationship bandwagon, ask: do u love the person or love the idea of “being “in love
    • Blame it on whoever you want to, be it the Bollywood/Hollywood,Dainelle Steele or anyone for that matter….we are a romance-struck nation, arms, green meadows, battling eyelids, flushed cheeks, oh my god..Romance is in our veins..we have mastered the art of romancing anything and everything..and so, it’s no news that the late teens and early 20s is when  almost everybody wants to have someone to hold hands with, look deep into eyes, have late night phone conversations, arrange for secret meetings with etc. etc. and often in this earnestness we end up claiming and swearing endless love to the first person who catches our fancy..(u might think am making it too trivial but trust me as u move to the other side of 20s, you realize “I love you” is a fairly abused phrase often substituted for maybe like being around u”, “i like the way u make me feel about myself or just that “i find you god-damn attractive”). So wait, re-evaluate before u jump onto this ride.

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