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Perfecting your career with Tableau

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From corporate biggies to government agencies to nonprofit organizations all depend upon data analytics in order to perform better. From getting important insights to spotting significant patterns, from preventing crimes to detecting frauds and from recognizing potential customers to protecting the environment, data analytics has thrown open a whole new world. Thus, a career in data analytics and business intelligence looks promising.

Any company searches for a relevant set of skills in the job seekers. Even with the growing demand for data analysts, it is highly improbable that a company will hire you if you do not possess the skill which that company is looking for. And a lot companies are actually listing Tableau as a necessary tool for many analytics jobs.


Data visualization being a key aspect in the world of analytics, Tableau software suite equips you with the best possible tool in an extremely user friendly atmosphere. It can connect to a range of data source also lets the user work on the format of his choice. Here are some unique features of Tableau-

  • Very simple yet useful User interface giving the best experience.
  • Creating visualization is very easy in tableau and is one of its defining features.
  • Drag and drop feature of Tableau is another unique characteristic by the virtue of which users can easily perform tasks without having to code.
  • There are no hard set perquisites for learning Tableau and has a very low barrier to entry.

The fact that Tableau allows a very simple drag drop mechanism for editing a dashboard makes it easily accessible for a person not so well trained in the technology. This is what makes it a favorite tool for communicating data driven insights.

Impact of Tableau

Tableau is tremendously popular and its impact is huge—

  • Tableau is present in Gartner Magic Quadrant for more than six years!
  • Global aviation group Lufthansa reported that Tableau helped them to increase their efficiency by 30% by increasing departmental autonomy and flexibility.
  • Michigan Medicine, another organization reported to save over 50K working hours by using Tableau.
  • The report production time of PepsiCo is reported to be reduced by 90% after adopting Tableau to process data.
  • Forbes has forecasted that the average revenue earned by Tableau per customer is going to increase from $11700 to $17000 by 2021.

Building a career with Tableau

Owing to its popularity in the analytics world and based on its simplicity, Tableau training has also gained momentum. Moreover any individual trained in Tableau is highly paid. For example a Tableau developer earns more than $100K annually in the US. This figure is definitely going to increase with the growing importance of data analytics in a multitude of sectors. Booming economies in Asia is another driving factor behind a career with Tableau. For example, any individual with tableau training in Malaysiacan dig into the country’s thriving IT industry. Department of Statistics of Malaysia reported that in IT in 2017 the net export of Malaysia was worth $15Billion. Thus, tableau training in Malaysia is definitely one of the best ways of shaping your career.

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