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Personal Transportation Trends We Can Expect in the Future

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At the moment, technology is developing at an astounding pace, which blurs the line not only between present and future but also between future and futuristic. Just a couple of decades ago, personal communication in commercial vehicles would have been considered preposterous, even Sci-Fi-like, yet, nowadays, it’s harder to find a car without an option for hands-free communication. Augmented reality dashboards, self-driving cars, Segway and hoverboard are no longer prototypes but household names. With every single phone being able to use GPS navigation via Google Maps, even this is no longer considered a futuristic feature. Bearing all of this in mind, here are a couple of things we can expect further down the line.

Self-driving cars

One of the greatest things about self-driving cars such as Tesla is the fact that, as time goes by, you get software updates that improve the value of your vehicle for free. This is an unprecedented situation in the history of the automated industry, due to the fact that an improvement to the vehicle in the past was only possible through mechanical work. As for the pragmatic value, the software advancements are huge, which means that these updates actively impact the way in which you control the vehicle.

Cheaper and more efficient maintenance

Another trend that’s pushing the future of personal transportation trend forward is the fact that the maintenance becomes cheaper and simpler with each passing day. This is due to the existence of so many online retailers that make this market more competitive. Due to the fact that you can consult an owner’s manual online (if you’ve lost yours), do some independent research on the topic and find an e-store specializing in parts, you can DIY repair your car with a much greater efficiency.

Even if you intend to take the vehicle to a mechanic, you can still make the repair more frugal. For instance, if you need AN fittings from T.I Performance, you can just go online and look them up, instead of relying on your mechanic to supply them.

AR and VR

The importance of these tech trends, the AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), can have a massive impact on the safety and user-friendliness of the overall driving experience. Why? Well, first of all, AR can enhance your windshield with its information, thus keeping you on track with everything that’s taking place without you ever having to look away from the road. Sure, some may assume that the screens are doing a great job at this as well, yet, that millisecond that you have to take in order to look away from the road could potentially make a huge difference.

As for the VR, the importance of this trend in the learning process could potentially be more than life-saving. Look at it this way. As an instructor, it’s your duty to pretend that if your students follow the law to the letter and drive carefully, they’ll never find themselves in a life-threatening situation. One thing that sticks out is the fact that these life-threatening situations happen fairly often; yet, the majority of drivers aren’t really prepared for this. Of course, putting a learner in such a scenario would be incredibly dangerous, but, with the VR, this might change for good. Who knows how many lives this could potentially save?

Not just about cars

Lastly, in the previous several years, we’ve seen a massive spike in popularity of certain trends such as electric bicycles, Segway and hoverboards. Needless to say, all of these have a lower carbon footprint than cars and motorcycles, while being less effort-intensive than cycling or walking. Moreover, they’re specifically designed for a commute in crowded urban areas, which could be a huge plus.

As you can see, the future of personal transportation looks bright, and even though there are some new occurrences on the market, most of them are oriented towards improving an already existent principle. Therefore, this personal transportation revolution might be much more subtle than one would assume, which is surprising if you stop to consider just how big of a change it brings.

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