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Photographic memory: What is it all about?

photographic memoryIt is said that photographic memory, also known as eidetic memory, is a rare event which isn’t well defined at present. But in general terms, it basically refers to being able to recall minute details of something as if you had it right in front you. In fact, a few psychiatrists, linquists and neuro-scientists have defined photographic memory as the ability of a person to recall sounds, objects or images and huge amount of information accurately and quickly. As you can see, it is an extremely useful tool and there are several people out there who possess this amazing ability. But what are the advantages of a photographic memory, you might ask.

  • Knowledge is power:

To start with, the present era is often dubbed as an information age as everyone is surrounded by some or the other information or data around them. Be it general or personalized, the amount of information which is available now is staggering. One uses this information in his/her day to day life. Whether it’s a simple task like setting up a tennis court or a difficult task which requires high technology equipment, one needs knowledge to carry out these works. This is where photographic memory plays an important role. Due to your ability to recall the information whenever you need it, you can reduce the amount of time you would spend on reading manuals or accessing the information over and over again.

  • Going ahead in life:

It is impossible to get to the top if you don’t have enough knowledge. Whether it’s economic, political or social chain, you will be able to impress other people, learn as well as work much faster if you have a photographic memory. Getting to know new skills and learning the job becomes much easier when you have a photographic memory. It helps to shorten the learning curve drastically and can thus make it easier to reach to the top.

  • Playing the social game:

Having the ability to learn something fast is a nice skill to have, especially at social functions. The ability to recall a person’s name, job as well as other useful information which you have heard only once can be a blessing. Remembering details of a past conversation can not only help to impress the other person but also make it easy for you to use the things they like or dislike to your advantage.     

Hence, it is pretty evident that having a photographic memory helps you have knowledge right at your fingertips whenever you need it instead of accessing it each time it’s required.

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