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Photography Hacks You Must Know in 2020

Photography is a subject that needs no introduction. It all started way back in 1816 when the first partially successful photograph was taken from a camera device. Today, we have handi-cams, DSLRs and of course the game-changing camera phones. The primary focus at one point was to capture what you see and with as much clarity as you can. Now, these devices have several camera accessories, and there are photography hacks too that give up photos with a touch of innovation. Here a few such hacks:

1. The Bokeh Filter Effect

The Bokeh effect requires a particular lighting setup in the background. However, you can achieve a fairly similar effect without any setup! How? Here’s a hack. All you need is a black paperboard along with your regular camera lens. With that paperboard, you have to cut and chop to manufacture a virtual lens hood. Then, set the aperture value of the camera to its lowest settings and tape the hood around your camera lens. That’s it. You can now capture the bokeh effect in your photos and get the blur that was missing in your clicks with minimal effort.

2. Multi-Coloured Lenses

You always have the option of using a filter to change the dominating colour in the photos you click. However, such software-based editing is very redundant, and there’s a lack of creativity and novelty in those photographs. To better that approach, you can bring in some innovation to the table and with the help of coloured plastic, you can get a new and unique primary colour. Cut out any piece of transparent and coloured plastic and attach it in front of your camera lens and that’s it. You can also use texture-based plastic to get unique photos.

3. Flash Diffuser

If your camera sports a pop-up flash, then you can manually make a flash diffuser that works equally well as its counterpart. With the help of a flash diffuser, you can capture sharp photos even in soft light. You can make it yourself by a white coloured film container, and any cutting tool of your choice or availability. Make a cutting off the white film of the same size as that of your pop-up flash and place it on top of the flash. Click photos with and without the diffuser and see the difference in the photos yourself.

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