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Physical Effects of Depression in Our Body

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Do you know more than 16 million people of America is diagnosed with Depression?  It is one of the common mental illnesses which have been affecting 26 % of adults in the United States. It may happen that you are in depression now and don’t able to realize its life-threaten physical symptoms. The common indications like a headache, stomach upset and sleep problems are the beginning stages of depression. It could also take to suffer through some of the severe cognitive effects on body and death as well.

So, let us talk about in detail that what are the warning signs which generally someone misses during the state of Depression

  1. Sleeping problems

Sometimes it happens when you get up in the mid of the night and try harder to sleep. It also happens that you 10 to 12 hours in the night but you still want an afternoon nap. Some changes in sleep are natural with aging but if you and young and facing such kind of sleeping disturbances than you might be in Depression. This stage of depression is termed as Insomnia. It is a condition in which a person feels difficulties to sleep or stays asleep for long hours. Sometimes the person sleeps for more than 10 hours and still, he or she felt like to take a nap again. These problems can make your immune system weak and can also lead to worse physical diseases.

  1. Psychomotor activity changes

Many times people felt sluggish and heavy and they wonder why they are feeling so. This is another effect of Depression in someone which could also feel someone agitated and restless. When you are depression apart from the sleeping problem you feel like you have something heavy to carry in your body. You became vulnerable to involve in any physical activity which could negatively affect your body in gaining weight.

  1. Appetite changes

Depression also hits your appetite pattern which can trouble your physical health as well. When you are in the fatigue, you will start losing you’re interested in having food. It may also happen like you will start feeling hungry in an odd time when you don’t eat your daily meal generally. All these symptoms upset your stomach which can lead you to suffer through obesity and constipation.

  1. Immunity damage

When somebody is in depression, he or she goes through several physical issues like stomach upset, less physical activities and sleepless nights which makes their immune system weaker. They start feeling sick often, their blood pressure and metabolism get affected. Due to which they recover very slowly the stage of illness. The lack of immunity in the body also leads them to high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking.

  1. Suicidal Tendency

When someone is in Depression, he or she starts preferring to live alone. They chose to talk lesser and stay is an isolated area. All these activities inculcate a suicidal thought in that affected person. They often start hurting themselves or others physically which could be a life-threatening activity.

Many people take depression as a normal situation which would pass away by time and people also make fun of them who are suffering from it. But Depression is a net which can lure someone deeply into its net. If you are in depression or sees someone in that condition then meditation is a prior step he or she could take. They must their problems with their family members of any beloved one and if you think the situation is out of hand then you can consult any Psychiatrist.

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