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Pick-up van driver wins Rs 10 crore bumper Onam lottery

In a development that proves that fortune can smile on you anytime, a driver in Kerala has won a whopping Rs 10 crore in the Onam bumper lottery. The results were announced yesterday by the Kerala state government, but the winner was identified today only. And the winner is Mustafa Moottatharammal, a 48-year old man from Chuzhali at Moonniyur near Parappanangadi. Mustafa is a driver by profession and he hardly ever dreamt that he would win the Rs 10 crore bumper prize. The fact that he bought the tickets shows that he had hopes, but to actually win the 10 crore bumper prize is extremely surprising to him, just like it is for everyone else. It will take some time for Mustafa to let it all sink in and to start enjoying his new life.

To avoid any issues with potential criminals who may try to target him, the 10 crore prize money has already been deposited in the Federal bank branch at Parappanangadi. Criminals often target lottery winners since they want a share of the pie that is not earned through hard work. The winning lottery number is AJ2876 and it had become difficult to trace the winner initially. However, now Mustafa has come forward to reveal the winner of the bumper lottery. When asked what he plans to do with the money, Mustafa said that he will use the money to expand his coconut business. He has also plans to build a new house. Mustafa said that he knew that he had won, but he kept it secret till today to avoid the media and other people.

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