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Pilot helps a mother travelling solo by feeding her babies

While the recent United Airlines case, in which a passenger was dragged out of the plane, revealed the dark side of the aviation industry, faith in humanity has been restored by a pilot working for Finnair. The pilot went beyond his normal duties to feed the babies of a mother who was travelling solo. The woman had four children including two babies that were hungry and needed to be fed. It was becoming difficult for the mother to care of all her children at the same time. When the Finnair pilot noticed her struggles, he offered to help.

The Finnair pilot held one of the babies in his lap and fed him with a bottle. In case the baby got cranky, he would give him back to the mother and take the second baby and feed him. The photos of the pilot feeding the baby have gone viral and both Finnair and the pilot have been getting hundreds of appreciation notes on social media platforms. The pilot said that he has children of his own, which is why he can understand the problems of a parent.

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