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Planets move towards Earth

The telescopes and cameras could find the fact of Jupiter’s move towards the earth. The planet was its brightest called as ‘opposition’. The move could be found at the east direction at the evening sky, opposite the setting sun; the brightest, object would be Jupiter.
According to N. Sri download (2) Kumar, director of planetary society of India (PSI) said, for people those who are unaware of the stars and planets, have to go with the rhyme ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star’. Anything that twinkles in the sky is a star. If the sky is getting more polluted then the stars would disappear, so the spotting of the Jupiter would be easy. Then in future the Jupiter will be considered in the place of stars. And this happens because of the celestial drama. From the direction of the west the Venus is clear to the vision. Then it will replace the stars in the west. At one side we have Jupiter which being considered as guru of devas, and on the other direction the guru of demons.
This Jupiter –Venus drama also intensified as they started getting closer. The final may be seen on August 4, 2015 when they stand side by side in the sky, in what is called the ‘conjunction’ “Venus falls in the orbit of earth.

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