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Plastic Bags – a name of serious threat to health

Plastic bag

“Plastic”….as the word sounds, it has strength and elasticity. Easily available everywhere, cheap and sustainable.  Unfortunately this, “sustainable”, “cheap” and “feasible” plastic has become a compulsory need of every house. We have absolutely no idea about the hazards of plastic we are using tremendously in our kitchen. Plastic bags’ manufacturing industries are increasing rapidly day by day because of its ample use in our society.

Especially in our kitchen it’s a “must to keep” item. We have a “Mother Bag” which holds all the “Kiddie Bags” and we use them daily and occasionally, the best of those bags are kept carefully to be use in special events for e.g.: to parcel the dinner for some absent guest and to store left over food. In short plastic has now become a member of our family. It   is impossible to find a “plastic free” house in our society. But can we spend a moment to think that what happened or what is happening now a days by including such plastic in our diet. Directly or indirectly it is captivating our body.

We love to devour hot and freshly “made of Plastic “Niharis, Biryani and Haleem” and drink milk oozes out of plastic shoppers. These have plastic inside because they are kept in plastic to store for a long time. Plastic shoppers are also known as Polythene bags because they are made up of petroleum chemical “poly- Ethylene” which is impossible to decompose naturally .It is strictly banned in some countries because of its hazardous properties. Bangladesh has imposed a strict ban since 2002 after massive flood which is caused by littering of plastic bags in water ways.

It leached out some extremely hazardous chemicals which become a cause of certain ailments like birth defect, impaired immunity and cancer. Most of the times it has been reported that particles of micro plastic are found from blood tissues. It is true that there are certain categories of good and bad plastic, some plastic bags are purposely made to keep food fresh but it’s also an undeniable fact that plastic shoppers, of whatever quality they hold, comprised of certain harmful chemicals and they have side effects which will never benefit you at any cost.

Now what to do? Boycott Plastic!! Ban Plastic bags!! “Plastic Murdabad” etc…It’s a high time that we must be a part of solution. We cannot get rid of plastic shoppers unless we limit the use by ourselves. Ask your favoriteNihariwala to give you plastic free Nihari in your own container and bring the container from home, it will be much safer and cleaner than their 2 rupees worth of shoppers. Stop asking for extra shopping bags, keep a basket with you when go out for groceries and use a fabric bag that can be reuse for years and easily washable. Stop throwing litter in plastic bags, especially in drains and sea, it’s not only for the betterment of environment but it will benefit you in return because you will be healthy when your environment is healthy.

Store drinking water in glass bottles or use earthen pots. It must be costly but not more than your family’s health. It is all up to us to get rid of those creepy, nasty shoppers around us. Take care of yourself, your family and environment.

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