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Platinum Shakti 2015 awards presented to 51 women across Udaipur city by Mrs. India 2015 Priyanka Khurana Goyal


Udaipur: Platinum Group of Colleges organized PLATINUM SHAKTI 2015 awards. These awards represented WOMEN EMPOWERMENT by felicitating and honoring 51 women across Udaipur who had to struggle through their life and yet never gave up. The winners made a standing in the society and supported their families through difficult times.

Mrs. India 2015 Priyanka Khurana Goyal was the chief guest. She presented ‘Platinum Shakti 2015 Award to all the winners and congratulated them for their outstanding hard work and courage. On this occasion Praveen Ratlia, the founder of Platinum Group of Colleges & PLATINUM UNIVERSITY also delivered a speech and congratulated all the winners.The event was held at Geetanjali medical hospitals and college auditorium, Udaipur.

Platinum Group of Colleges & PLATINUM UNIVERSITY:

Praveen Ratlia, is the founder of Platinum Group of Colleges & PLATINUM UNIVERSITY.  The university works on enhancing skills that would help all the students obtaining higher education and gain top class employment. Focus of the University is to provide access to higher education and develop skills required by the workforce to promote economic growth.

The University will work with each individual student on how they can improve their skills and also build an economic environment which is needed to achieve a more high-skilled equilibrium.”

Platinum University is working towards making good quality higher education accessible and affordable, making it possible for more students to pursue their dreams. It’s a mission the university believes will help make the world a better place.

At the center of the university’s vision is value, as defined by our students and those who employ them. A professional education with an international perspective helps prepare laureate students to succeed in the global marketplace.

Mrs. India 2015 Priyanka Khurana Goyal

Priyanka won the Mrs. India Queen of Substance pageant in February 2015. She is the first investment banker to win this pageant. A wife, mother & working professional, Priyanka decided to take a step forward and work towards empowering & encouraging other married women in India to take up innovative work. To do this Priyanka took part in the prestigious Mrs. India, Queen of Substance pageant organized by the Handicapped Children and Women’s Aid (HWCA). After successfully gunning through 7 rounds of qualification, Priyanka beat 24 other contestants to be crowned “Mrs. India, Queen of Substance”. Priyanka is currently working with various initiatives and NGOs for Nature conservation, women empowerment and children welfare. This exercise will help her represent the truest identity of India at the Mrs. Earth, Queen of Substance title in Jamaica this October.

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