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PM Modi explains why terrorism flourishes in South Asia

Hinting at Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that there’s a specific mindset in South Asia, which gives rise to terrorism. PM Modi expressed his views in presence of Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina, who is here in India on an official visit. The two leaders were attending a function that was organized to honor the heroes of 1971 war. Modi said that, just like India, he wants neighboring countries also to focus on development, which would help the development of the entire region. However, there’s a mentality in South Asia that promotes terrorism, he said.

PM Modi said that this mentality of extremism is against the tenets of humanity and its one and only goal is violence. “The main aim is to spread terrorism. A mindset in which policy makers feel terrorism is bigger than humanity, destruction is bigger than creation and betrayal is bigger than trust. This mentality is the biggest challenge to peace, social harmony and development. This mentality obstructs development in whole region,” Modi said.

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