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PM Modi redefines SCAM – (S)P, (C)ongress, (A)khilesh, (M)ayawati

Turning up the heat on rival parties in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on politicians, saying that BJP’s fight is against ‘SCAM’, which translates into S – Samajwadi (Party), C – Congress, A – Akhilesh (Yadav), M – Mayawati. PM Modi was addressing his first election rally in the State in Meerut today. As the crowds cheered and roared, Modi said that as long as the people don’t vote the SCAM out, it would be impossible to see the “acche din”. He said that SCAM is just trying to save their government and had no intentions of enabling the progress of the State and its people.


PM Modi also spoke about the recent alliance between Congress and SP, saying that it is just a ploy to grab power. He said that just a few weeks back, Congress was holding rallies all across Uttar Pradesh, accusing SP of corruption and neglecting farmers. And now, they have taken a U turn and embraced each other. He questioned what had changed overnight, except of course that these people are just trying to save themselves. He added that people who cannot even save themselves, then how will they save Uttar Pradesh.

PM Modi expressed his pleasure to start the campaigning from Meerut, as this was the place where the independence struggle against the British had started in 1857. He said that now the fight is to remove poverty and ensure growth and development of Uttar Pradesh.

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