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PM Modi says most jokes on Google are about Rahul Gandhi

As the elections come near, PM Modi has become increasingly critical of opposition parties and their leaders. In an election rally in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, saying that most jokes on Google are about Rahul Gandhi. He said that no other political leader from any party has so many jokes associated with him, as Rahul does. PM Modi did not directly take Rahul’s name, but it was evident about whom he was talking about. Modi’s comment triggered laughter among the crowd and there was applause and slogans shouted in support.

While addressing a rally in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, PM Modi targeted the current Congress government, saying that the Dev Bhoomi has been corrupted by the current government in Uttarakhand. He said that the country has been looted for 70 years, and now he will do the job of returning the loot to the poor. MP Modi also targeted the opposition on their stand on surgical strike, saying that the armed forces have shown what they are capable of, but some people are just not ready to accept it and only want to politicize things.

On social media, a post was uploaded with Modi’s image and the words in Hindi, “jitna dam hain laga do, kuch ko main jagata hoon, kuch ko tum jaga do”. This roughly translates into – “use your full might, i will awaken some, while you also awaken those you can”.

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