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PM Modi targets Manmohan Singh with “bathing in a raincoat” remark

PM Narendra Modi directly targeted former PM Manmohan Singh by saying that only Singh knew the art of “bathing with a raincoat on”. PM Modi was trying to point out to the various scams that have happened under the Congress rule in the past 30-35 years. He said that even with all these scams, Singh has managed to keep a clean image for himself. He questioned how this can be possible and later suggested that only Singh knows how to bath in a bathroom wearing a raincoat on.

PM Modi’s aggressive targeting of Singh comes in the wake of Singh describing demonetization as “organized loot” and “legalized plunder”. PM Modi explained that if Singh can use such words, then he is bound to get paid in the same coin. However, PM Modi’s remark did not go down well with the opposition parties, which staged a walkout in protest. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Congress party will not allow Modi to speak in the Parliament until he apologizes to Singh.

The comment by PM Modi has gone viral on social media and there are both protests and support for what he said. Some said that such comments should not be made by the Prime Minister of India whereas others supported Modi, saying that Modi just spoke the truth and was being targeted unnecessarily.

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