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In Indian Railways PNR means passenger name record in short known as PNR. It is a number that holds variety of information of ticket holder. Types of information includes in PNR status are- booking status, confirmation of ticket or if it is in waiting list (WL), under reservation against cancellation(RAC), arrival and departure time can also be queried by PNR status. The PNR status also includes details of the coach and berth/seat number and the amount paid by the passenger.


it is easy to check your PNR status you don’t have to do anything much you just need to enter your PNR number on the search bar which is given at the above page.You can check your detailed  information  of your ticket by providing PNR number on the same page. PNR number is mentioned on the top left corner of the train ticket, but if you have booked your ticket online then for e-ticket PNR number on the e-ticket is printed on the top half of the page.


The centre of railway information system (CRIS) runs a database where all information regarding the passengers are fed and securely stored. A ten digit PNR statusnumber is created by railway system every time a person buys a ticket from IRCTC website i.e. Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation, Indian Railways Ticket, private travel website or from a ticket counter.


you can check your ticket and you can notice your PNR number which is generally printed at the top left corner of the ticket but this is only for the ticket booked from railway station. In case you have booked your ticket online or through IRCTC website then it seems bit different then real one your PNR number is mentioned at top of the ticket but in separate cell.

There are few different ways through which you can check you PNR status such as you can make the enquiry through online website, current reservation status, you can also check it by using sms code, by using mobile application of Indian Railways, enquiry can be also done from railway station enquiry counters and lastly from final reservation charts.

There are various online websites where you can enquiry for PNR status:

  • You can easily check your current PNR status sitting from anywhere and in nowadays it is most preferred way to enquire the detailed information of your PNR status at this is an unofficial website which is serving its service to the passengers to find their confirmed booking status. Infact you can also check train running status, station code and train coach position.
  • website is maintained by CRIS ( centre for railway information system) this is an Indian Railways official portal.
  • IRCTC which stands for Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporationit is the only official partner of Indian Railways which allows to book ticket online. You just have to log in intoIRCTC website and then click on ‘booked ticket history’ then you can select your e-ticket and click on ‘get PNR status’.

PNR status can also be checked

PNR status can also be also checked by dialling139  and to get PNR status on mobile through SMS on 139 you have to type PNR <your PNR number> and send it but you network operator may charge you for this.

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