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Podcasting: Does it have a future?


The podcast market is being continuously questioned about its future. It is time that we received some answers to those queries. Will podcast continue to follow the path of ad-free supported platforms or take a turn towards something like Netflix? However, there is no concrete evidence which might prove that the users are willing to get a paid subscription for a podcast. According to certain studies, there is a 26 percent increase in the number of podcast listeners since 2008. According to a statement given by Steve Jobs in the year 2005, podcasting is going to rule in the next-gen and his predictions have somewhat started to lead towards a positive podcasting future. Here are some of the predictions for the near future of the podcasting field:

  1. The Podcast is finally about to go mainstream: Studies show that more than two billion android users are willing to listen to a podcast. However, they aren’t aware of any such platform to access. It is also being said that in the near future, the various companies will go through a tough tussle in attracting their potential users with attractive subscription scales.
  2. Competition for Apple is increasing: Eventually, the users of Apple podcast will decline with the introduction of new platforms by Google, Pandora, and many others. Spotify has already started to capture the market. However, users are expecting more evolution in the same. The hopes are very high wishing for the introduction of something new to the listening field, which may not have crossed the minds of most.
  3. Rise of the podcast on the smart speakers: Conventional podcasting mainly involved longer episodes as the users wouldn’t prefer fumbling through their phones every now and then for a new episode to listen to. However, this concept is being modified by the smart speakers, in which the podcast projects consist of shorter content which is eventually becoming a part of larger listening experience.

Subscription for a podcast: In recent years, there will be growth among a subscription for podcasting just as every form of media today. There will a major demand for the exclusive premium content as more shows will be created limiting their access to the paid subscribers only. However, the competition among the companies is going to be very difficult depending on the willingness of the users to pay for multiple subscriptions.

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