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Police arrest fourth suspect in Barcelona terror attack

With intelligence reports that more terror attacks may have been planned by terrorists, the police in Barcelona were frantically trying to find the suspects involved in the terror attack. The Barcelona police managed to make some progress in the case, as they have been able to arrest the fourth suspect involved in the terror attack. The police have not yet released the details about the suspects who have been arrested since the case is still under investigation. The terror attack occurred yesterday when a van rammed into a crowd of people, who were enjoying their holidays in Las Ramblas, one of the most popular tourist spots in Barcelona. The death toll following the terror attack has now reached 14, after a woman succumbed to her injuries today in the hospital. Police officials said that the terrorists were planning the attack since many days.

This is one of the deadliest terror attacks to have been witnessed in Spain’s history in the last decade. Terror organization Islamic State (IS) has taken responsibility for the attack. People who died and those that were injured in the terror attack were mostly tourists from various counties such as France, Germany, Pakistan and the Philippines. A three-day mourning has been announced in Spain and thousands of people gathered today at Placa de Catalunya, city’s central square, to condole the people who died in the attack.

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