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Police arrest three people involved in Amarnath attack

Turning the heat on people involved in Amarnath attack, the Jammu and Kashmir police said today that they have arrested three people in connection with the case. It is alleged that these people helped Lashkar-e Taiba terrorists to carry out the attack on Amarnath pilgrims. It may be recalled that the attack was carried out on July 10, in which 8 people had died and around 19 people were injured. During interrogation, the three persons arrested said that they had provided logistical support to the terrorists. The police have also been able to get detailed information about the terrorists and hope to catch them or neutralize them soon. The three men arrested are Bilal Ahmed Reshi, Aizaj Wagey and Zahoor Ahmed.

The three people had given shelter to the terrorists when they were in Khudwani and Sriguffwara. And just providing shelter was not all. The three accused also did a recce on behalf of the terrorists, so that they can identify the most suitable spot to carry out the terror attack. It was at this spot, Botengo near Khanbal, that the terrorists lay waiting for the Amarnath pilgrims and opened fire on the bus when it came in sight. As per police information, the mastermind of the Amarnath attack is Abu Ishmael, who is a Pakistani national. One more terrorist has been identified as Yawar, who works as a local recruiter. The remaining two terrorists are also believed to be Pakistani nationals.

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