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Police recover Rs13.55 crores in Delhi from law-firm

Delhi Police recovers Rs13.56 crore in cash out which Rs2.6 crore was in new the new currency released recently after denomination of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes on NOvember 8.

The raids were conducted by T&T Law Firm, a senior police officer said. The raiding team comprised of officers from Crime Branch.

“Rs 13 crore has been recovered. Out of which Rs 2.6 crore was in new currency notes and the rest in old notes. The I-T department has been informed,” said an officer part of the raiding tem.

When the police team conducted raids the office, its rooms were locked and a caretaker was present.

Police has launched a manhunt are searching for the firm promoter, lawyer Rohit Tanson.

In an I-T raid sleuths had recovered unaccounted money worth Rs 19 crore from his bank accounts.

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