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Police seeks your help in catching Gauri’s killers; sketches released

High-profile murder cases are difficult to solve since these are extremely well planned and executed. Every angle and every possibility is properly analyzed much before the actual execution of the plan. The police have been facing the same issues, as they are trying to identify the killers of Gauri Lankesh, a senior journalist who was killed outside her house in Bengaluru. After several weeks of investigation, the police have finally managed to get the sketches of the killers prepared by professional artists. The sketches of two suspects have been released and the police have requested people’s help in identifying and capturing the murderers. There is one sketch of one suspect and two sketches of the second suspect. The sketches have been prepared based on CCTV footage and inputs provided by eyewitnesses. The police have till now questioned more than 250 people in relation to the case.

The police have found that the killers did a proper reconnaissance before executing their plan. They were staying in the same area for around a week’s time and were carefully recording each and everything, including movements of Gauri Lankesh and her neighbors. The police are currently working on clues to locate the motorcycle that was used in the crime. The police have found a video footage that has the bike and the suspect. The police have requested the general public to provide any information if they have. Informers will be adequately rewarded with Rs 10 lakh cash prize. If you have any information about the killers or any other relevant information, you can contact the SIT, Room No. 104, CID Office, Bengaluru; call 9480800202; send an email to; or WhatsApp 09480800304, 9480801701.

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