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Popular artists of Hollywood affected by the #MeToo movement

Since 2017, more than 250 powerful people including politicians, celebrities, CEOs and others have been accused of assault, sexual harassment or other allegations of misconduct. Victims are coming forward every day. Here are some of the Hollywood artists affected by the #MeToo movement.

  1. Ryan Adams

About seven women have accused singer Ryan Adams of sexually assaulting them in the name of offering help for their music careers. Even an underage woman, alleged him for sending inappropriate sexual texts. Mandy Moore, who was married to him for 8 years said that Adams was emotionally very abusive during their marriage. He tried to suppress her musical ambitions too. However, his lawyer said that he wasn’t engaged in any online sexual communications with any underage women. Adams denied the claims while apologizing by a tweet.

  1. Asia Argento

This Italian actress is one among the women to openly accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault. She quietly paid $380,000 to Jimmy Bennett because of assaulting him in a California hotel room when he was only 17 years old by the 37-year-old Asia. However, Argento claimed the accusation to be false. She also mentioned that the intention of paying such a huge amount to Bennett was to avoid the negative publicity of the person.

  1. Morgan Freeman

The Oscar-winning actor, Morgan Freeman, was accused of inappropriate behaviour and harassment by eight women. The allegations also included suggestive comments and unwanted touching. However, Morgan completely denied the accusations. He stated in an interview that while it’s important to hear all the victims of harassment and assault, the compliments or humour should not be misplaced with horrific sexual assault.

  1. Scott Baio

Niclo Eggert mentioned in an interview that her co-star, Scott Baio continuously abused her sexually on the set of 80s sitcom. Alexander Polinsky, an actor of Charles in Charge mentioned that he witnessed inappropriate cuddling between Eggert and Baio on set. However, Scott denied the allegations saying when Eggert was 18 that there was only one -time sexual encounter which was consensual.

  1. Mario Testino

Mario Testino, the fashion photographer has been accused by thirteen male models and assistants who worked with him. He was alleged of making unwanted sexual advances and, in certain cases, of groping and masturbation. The victims’ character and credibility were challenged by the law firm which represented Testino. Through an email, the lawyer informed the Associated Press that they’re not providing any comment further.

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