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Popular Asian-American Artists of the Hollywood Movie Industry

Diversity has long been a part of Hollywood and its rich history. Asian American artists have paved the way for other actors/actresses. Their contribution to the box-office hits is remarkable. From Chinese actors to Korean Americans, lest you forget Indian, Japanese American, and so on, they have made their existence in the Hollywood industry noticeable. Take a moment and check out the best Asian Americans of the Hollywood movie industry.

  1. Ross Butler

Popularly known as “Zach Dempsey” of a high-school themed show 13 Reasons Why Ross Butler made every girl drool over his sexy body and gentle moves. This Singapore born actor is quite popular on Netflix. He was also seen on the 6th season of MTV’s Teen Wolf and stares as Reggie on Riverdale. He was a chemical engineering student but dropped out after realizing that he had no interest or passion.

  1. Alex Landi

This Korean-Italian actor was born in New York City. During his high school days, he was a tennis player and wanted to become a professional. But after high school, he decided to pursue acting. He travelled to Asia for 3 months and has gained extensive weapon and combat experience. In 2018, he was cast as Dr. Nico Kim on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Again, in 2019 he is cast as Henry Lee in upcoming season 2 of Netflix’s Insatiable.

  1. Henry Golding

Henry Golding is a model, host and television host who was born in Malaysia. In 2018, Henry made his debut in Crazy Rick Asians and was cast as Nick Young. Later in that year, he was starred in A Simple Favor in opposite Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. Those films made him immensely successful and after that, he signed several more films such as Last Christmas and The Gentlemen.

  1. Avan Jogia

This Vancouver based actor made his debut on the award-winning movie drama A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, as Danny Araujo. He was seen on the hit series Caprica with a recurring role. Recently, the actor can be seen on a series, Victorious with his lead role as Beck on Nickelodeon’s Emmy. The renowned Hollywood actor has contributed a lot to the organizations for charitable works and keeps special interest in youth human rights and equality. He is also the founder of the national charitable organization Straight But Not Narrow.

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