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Popular Emerged ‘Make in India’ apps in 2020

A Swadeshi movement to go vocal for local’ popular Indian brands has been urged by PM Modi. Indian companies are stepping up to make users adopt to Made in India. Here are 5 apps, that have started in 2020 and gain swadeshi movement and made Indians Aatmanirbhar :

  1. Mitron: Mitron a short video-making app platform Made in India. The app allows users to reimagine digital entertain and engagement which is designed for people to showcase their innovative videos online with the theme of light humour. You can create, edit and share your videos as well as browse through a library of top videos across the globe. Just over a day after the Government of India announced a ban on several Chinese apps, popular short-form social video app Mitron reported that its daily traffic jumped up by more than 11 times. Mitron has crossed 21 million downloads, Mitron app has been one of the most downloaded apps in India during the last two months with 40million video views per hour. Nearly 1 Million new videos created per day on the platform.
  2. Pocket52: These apps are the best way to virtually socialize with your remote colleagues and friends. Games like Ludo is a game for all that can be played even without previous knowledge. If you are interested in acquiring some skills along with having some fun, one should visit platforms like Pocket52. They are India’s first Cryptographically Secure Online Poker RNG+ platform, powered by lava lamps. It uniformly distributes unpredictability to ensure an unadulterated gaming experience. You have other options like PUBG, FIFA Soccer and others that could also be of your interest.
  3. Xpay.Life:  Blockchain-based platform XPay. Life offers an array of digital payment services, including touch screen ATP kiosk, web, mobile app, POS device and others. The platform caters to both B2B as well as B2C segment. The company providing the highest level of transparency during transactions. It has partnered with leading banks to further expand its reach. XPay.Life has completed 1 Lakh transactions worth INR 5 Cr, since its beta version launch in 2019. In the last ten months, it also claims to have achieved 234% growth via web and mobile app. People can pay for their Electricity, Mobile recharges, DTH, Broadband, LPG, Loan EMI, etc. through the Xpay Life App and web version. Majorly serving the rural India for easing Their payment woes, the platform has 253 billers across India with a wider reach to 50000+ pin codes in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities across India.
  4. Otipy – Otipy (India’s fastest growing social commerce venture) was launched in February 2020 to revolutionise the supply chain of fresh produce in India. Otipy works closely with reseller partners (mainly women) to fulfill the demand of end consumers and facilitates the contactless doorstep delivery of fresh produce. The company is working with 500+ partner resellers mainly women across Delhi-NCR and is already serving over 50,000 consumers. Through its robust end to end supply chain network the best of the farm products are brought to consumers via social commerce model and the fresh  produce reaches to the doorstep in less than 12 hours.
  5. Trell: Popularly known as Video Pinterest for Bharat, Trell is the go-to platform for users to share their experiences, recommendations, and reviews across various categories including health and fitness, beauty and skincare, travel, movie reviews, cooking, home-décor and much more. The lifestyle vlogging platform allows users to create 3-5-minute videos in their native languages along with a ‘shop’ feature that lets them purchase the products featured in the vlogs. Additionally, the platform also allows users to earn rewards, goodies and vacations through its interface. Trell records a whopping 12+ million new downloads since the Chinese app ban. Trending #1 in Free Lifestyle Apps, the platform has received 500K original content uploads in a single day with 220K New content creators on board. With over 40 million downloads, 20 million monthly active users the lifestyle community commerce app witnesses a 25x surge in last 1 year

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