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Popular YouTube channels to watch this weekend

Is there absolutely nothing to do this weekend? Are you super-bored and wish to utilize the time to do something productive? Then, here pops up the list of all the popular YouTube channels that you might love to check out in your pastime this extended week.

  1. Superwoman:

Subscribed by more than 14 million people, this channel found its name amongst the top influencing videos on YouTube. The YouTuber portrays the daily lives of people in a very sardonic way and takes in consideration people’s favorite complaints. The style statement of her videos is adjunct by the Punjabi accent she uses. If you have not checked this out, then do it right away this weekend.

  1. The 5-minutes crafts:

Since you have ample time for yourself this weekend, do watch the 5-minute videos that will help you transform any stupid and worthless thing into a beautiful house-warming charmer. The beauty tips that the channel extends are of real use. Redecorate your home or try beauty hacks, the 5-minute videos are both fun and productive at the same time. The 5-minute crafts has a YouTube following of more than 42 Million!

  1. CryptTV:

Short-films are a definite thing that keeps you engaged and entertained for the entire weekend. The CryptTV is a USA based horror YouTube channel to alarm your brain and take you completely by fear. Get ready for an adrenaline rush because the storytellers are going to bring a scare to real life. Watch out for a ghostly experience! A whopping number of 1 Million subscriptions are linked to this channel.

  1. Watch PewDiePie in action:

The YouTube sensation Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also known as PewDiePieis listed as one of the most influencing people in the world. Though the video game reviewer and vlogger cracks anti-sentimental jokes, his videos are like a fire that spreads and grabs you within. Do check out his videos, if you are a fan of video gaming and keep yourself entertained throughout. And don’t be surprised to note the number 72 Million subscribers, who follow the channel crazily.

  1. Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon:

Watch for “Tonight’s with Jimmy Fallon” episodes and know your favorite celebrities even better. Subscribed by over 19 million people, the shows bring up a lot from within the real life of the stars and are a total fun to watch. The show is completely loaded with amusement. An entire day with the celebrities is a perfect solution about how to end the week.

Weekends are absolutely meant to chillax and it is not wrong to be a lazy sloth after an entire week of the hectic life. So, switch your screens on and be lost in the world of recreational media. 

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