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Pot smoking or pot vaping – what is safer?

The use of pot for medicinal purposes has been controversial worldwide, but the drug is still used to treat certain mental and physical conditions such as seizures, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and AIDS. While the safety of the drug is contested in some regions of the world, countries such as Argentina, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal and Australia have legalised the drug for medicinal purposes. The drug has been legalised in Canada. In the United States of America, pot is legalised for recreational use in ten states and therapeutic purposes in 33 states.

While ‘Pot’ refers to the street name of the drug, it is also given several other names such as marijuana, Cannabis, dope, ganja, cheeba and the sticky icky, mostly due to the illegal status of it for so long. While the traditional method of using pot is smoking, an alternative way is vaping. Even though research on the safety of pot vaping as compared to smoking it is ongoing, there is a common belief that vaping pot is safer than inhaling after burning. While smoking is more effective for quick relief as the effects can be felt within minutes, low-temperature vaporisation is a much safer option.

So what makes both of these methods: smoking vs vaping different from each other?

fake cigretteScientific evidence on whether pot potentially can contribute to respiratory issues is inconclusive. However, smoking can irritate the lungs and throat due to the high temperature that the smoke is inhaled at after the pot is burned. Low-temperature vaporisation helps resolve this issue as vaporisers use the temperature which is just high enough to melt the fatty plant resins, but just low enough not to burn the plant.

A standard vaporiser heats within the range of 165-187°C. Different temperature settings during vaping can bring out different flavours and smells of the plant. Different temperatures attack the plant resins differently, hence allowing lower temperatures to introduce aromas that are uncommon in pot smoking.

Therefore, when buying a vaporiser, you must make sure that it has a temperature customisation feature. Your vaporiser must heat below 229°C to avoid combustion. If you are looking to purchase a vaporiser with temperature customisation, Smokesmith Gear can help you with your choice!

Moreover, using a vaporiser can also save you from toxic carcinogens that are caused by combustion and can potentially cause harm to your body. Potential carcinogens that can cause harm are Benzene which is not good for the reproductive system, Naphthalene which can cause organ damage and Toluene which can have adverse effects on the nervous system. The relationship between carcinogens and pot is, however, contested.

Another benefit of using a vaporiser rather than smoking is the cost-effectiveness of it. If you choose to smoke your pot, you must be prepared to lose approximately 50% of it on combustion. This is excluding the loss of compounds that you will incur due to smoke burn off. Less product is lost in vaporisation as the plant is heated in an enclosed space. Vape, therefore, also provides you with a more cost-efficient solution to consumption.

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