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Prakash Raj faces court case for criticizing PM Modi

National award-winning actor Prakash Raj may have got the likes and the spotlight he was looking for, but criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi without proof may come at a price. Raj may now have to face trial, as a case has been filed against him by a lawyer in a Lucknow court. The case relates to the remarks that Raj made against PM Modi. The court has accepted the complaint filed by the lawyer and the case will come up for hearing on October 7. PM Modi has become the target of intense attack from many quarters, which is a worrying development cause everything that happens in a country cannot be blamed on the Prime Minister. Such attacks are often backed by political forces and a popular front like a famous celebrity is used to carry out the attack.

Raj had used a careful selection of words to target PM Modi since a direct accusation could have led to the framing of defamation case against him. His remarks related to the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh and he said that PM Modi is silent on those who are celebrating the killing of the journalist. This is a crude form of attack and its sole purpose is to malign PM Modi’s image. How can the PM be accused of what people are saying on social media websites. It may be recalled that Raj is left-oriented and he does not seem to like PM Modi that much. As an actor, even Raj must have faced criticism, but it does not imply that the Prime Minister can be blamed for it.

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