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precautions must be taken while travelling in train

precautions need to taken while traveellling train newspatrolling

If you travel frequently with Indian Railways or even if you travel rarely in Indian trains, or if it is long train journey or  a short one you need to prepare yourself before travelling to any place by train in this article we are providing some important  tips which you will find quite useful while travelling by train and so as to make your journey comfortable, safe and happy.It is very much necessary to follow the tips to make you journey safe and comfortable without making it tedious and exhausted. Indian Railways is the third largest train networks in the entire world. It carries almost millions of passengers everyday throughout the country. Most of the people living in India chooses train journey to reach their destinations and if you look for the reason then main reason why most of the people chose to travel via train is railways cheap rates and better availability of trains and facilities. Which is advantage of travelling in train which also makes your journey comfortable but to make it safe and happy journey we are providing some useful tips which every passengers must follow before getting into train.


You need to take some general precautions while travelling in a train to make your journey safe and comfortable :

  • If you want to use restrooms or toilets at railway stations or in train then you must keep this in mind before and after using the toilet you must flush out the water because these are not maintained well and it may effect your health for your good health and hygiene you must flush before and after using the toilet because it might happen the people belonging to the weaker section of the society may not know or may not be aware of hygiene or may not have much civic sense and may leave the toilet in bad condition which is not possible for everyone to use. So if you want yourself to be protected from any kind of infection then try to avoid station toilets or if you use it must flush out the water.
  • Check all your documents you may need and your tickets, money and keep it safe in a bag and lock it and keep it with you while travelling in train it might be risky to keep your money bag or document bag at any place you may loose it avoid the risk and keep it safe by locking it and keeping it with you.
  • While taking long journeys in train you should keep a travelling kit with you containing hand wash/paper soap, tissues, face wash, anti septic solution, hand sanitizer, bandage and such other small items which you can easily carry without making your luggage heavy so that you can use these things if required or you are in need of it.
  • While travelling in train you will meet many people who might approach you to have a conversation or may involve you in it but try to avoid it and do not trust any stranger, be alert you must remember that these type of places are vulnerable and there are different- different types of people who keep on moving here and there and it is really very difficult at that moment who is genuine and who among them is thud or may be robber so you need to be alert and try to avoid conversation with strangers.
  • Most important thing you need to keep in mind never ever try to board train or get down of it while the train is moving if you want to avoid any kind of accidents and if you want to reach your destination safely. Behave maturely and get down or board the train once the train stops.

Above mentioned tips are some of the important tips you must follow if you want your journey to be safe and comfortable.

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