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“THE BEST ROMANTIC MOVIE YOU WOULD EVER WATCH”, my just married sister recommended me.

Maybe…, I can see a ton of romance dripping out from the very title of the movie”, I winked.


Quite a sloppy film with no message?


Would there be something for a pious sorta girl (Trust me, I am) like me?

Many questions flashed across my mind.

I hid my uninterested face for my ever-thrilled sister’s happiness and said YES for the movie.

As luck would have it, there were three smart and handsome (of course) IT professionals (a wild guess) next to us.

The fragrance of DENVER HAMILTON spread in the direction of the silver screen.


APOLOGY: I often restrict myself from narrating fresh plots. FYI, not the STORY but the SCRIPT is the king here.


1. The characters are not-so freaky in the beginning. As the clock winds, the transformation in terms of fashion, lifestyle, food, costumes, people, hangouts etc are pretty seen. Realism is amply clear in every shot.

2. I bet your stomach flutters when you find someone very special to you. George (Nivin Pauly), Koya (Krishna Shanker), Shambu (Shabareesh Varma), Mary (Anupama Parameshwaran), Malar (Sai Pallavi), Celine (Madonna Sebastian) are all amongst us. PREMAM is a living example of amorists within us.

3. The actors full of life are living life to the fullest. Quick- witty exchanges and implausible comic timing colour it in all way possible. There are only laugh-out-loud moments throughout the 150 minutes. You have to be a young runner to keep up PREMAM’s marathon pace.

4. If an immersive melody like “Malare” can rule over your heart, Why not the oddly accented lyrics of “Scene Contra” simply ROTFL you. You can’t help it, sometimes.

5. Haven’t you ever had that ‘butterfly effect’? Literally PREMAM celebrates the same ‘cause and effect’ theory of divine love. The visual metaphor of butterfly in PREMAM idealizes it.

6. Mr. Director, you are a smooth criminal. Why didn’t you let Malar come back to George after her ‘recovery’ and tell the entire truth? You stooped us down into an emotional pit. May I clear this point…Malar was the ONLY right choice for George.

And I PRONOUNCE that the movie PREMAM is ONLY for lovesick folks.

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