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PremiumAV Unveils Bigplayers’ Electric Guitar in India

BENGALURU, India – May 26, 2021
PremiumAV, a leading provider of new-age PC & Mobile accessories today introduced Bigplayers’ Electric Guitar in India.These guitars are crafted for excellent sound,remarkable  feel, and stylish looks that demanding players will appreciate and allow every player to quickly define their own signature sound. Bigplayers guitars come with high-quality chrome-plated nickel die-cast tuners with a 16:1 tuning ratio, which allows for finest tuning.
Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO at PremiumAV, said “We are overwhelmed to announce the launch of Bigplayer guitar in India. These guitars are designed especially for aspiring guitarists. The sound from Bigplayer guitar is characterized by a clear low end, bright treble notes, and a scooped midrange. The strings are designed to absorb less moisture than other strings, which greatly improves the intonation and tuning accuracy. These guitars are the instrument of choice for schools, personal and professional use“.
The guitar is crafted from a quality rich material, which imparts strength and rigidity to the overall construction and is a good choice for professionals. It comes very lightweight, weighs around 1.5 kg, which does not not face any discomfort in hanging this guitar while performing. The strings are made of soft steel which flattens the high pressure and absorbs unwanted vibrations from the strings, thus offering a clean and direct sound. Additionally, these guitars are truly innovative and versatile. The high-gloss finishing makes the guitar look stylish and the metallic parts from rust.
Price, Availability and Warranty
PremiumAV’s Bigplayer Guitar is readily available for purchase from PremiumAV brand store, and it is also available in retail markets all over india.

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