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Prep up for the rehearsal dinner with a vintage dress


Vintage fashion is coming back and along with it, also the trend of wearing gowns in evening gatherings. So, it is without a doubt, many celebrities and fashionistas are seen sporting long and dreamy looking vintage lace evening gowns for premiers and parties. Then why should your rehearsal dinner fall any short of such extravagant look?

Rehearsal dinner attire

Everyone is going to be there, after all, it is the day before your wedding. This means that you are going to look spectacular in the bridal wear the very next day. And as most brides would have it, you too are not going to go for a very uptight traditional dressing gown, are you? So as you are not, thus you have to look as perfectly classy in the day of your rehearsal dinner.

Most reversal dinners are very intimate with just close friends and family attending it. So that means that your in-laws are too going to be at this dinner. And they will be looking at you and you would-be husband. So yes that means that you both will be decked in formal to semi-formal attire. Now It is very easy for your man to choose a coat and pair it up with a classy tie but you will be left in distress while his family a friends judge you silently.

Rehearsal dinners are extremely uncomfortable if you are not in the appropriate attire for you are putting yourself at risk for being targeted and judged. Hence why not eliminate the opportunity to be judged altogether by wearing something that is appropriate and is expected out of a true blue bride at any occasion prior to the marriage? Especially when you do have the chance of making a significant change and create a style statement that every other would be bride will look up to?

Now there is honestly no escape from such a situation other than enhancing your looks with a great chic and formal gown. All of that is possible when you choose the right dress. And what better way to increase elegance than a  vintage evening dress crafted with delicate laces?

Choosing the right one

Now, while you go down to shop, you will be amazed to find out how expensive every vintage clothing item is. It is almost ironic – how expensive an old fashioned item can be on the present day? Well, that is just true and painfully you will realize that if you are in fact buying a dress off the designer boutiques then they are going to be even more expensive. So, the most possible situation that you can partake in if you want a brand new and fashionable vintage gown without having to incur heavy losses is by getting the dress online.

However, while shopping for a vintage dress online for an evening party that is going to be all about you such as the rehearsal dinner, you have to make sure that you pay close attention to the following:

  • Lace work – as you are in fact choosing a lacy vintage dress, he works has to be very intricate. Also, the lace work has been neatly done and very symmetric.
  • Dress length – every evening gown will droop downwards and touch the ground. So be very sure to check the height of the model who is wearing this dress and see whether it touches the floor or not. Also, make sure that you have a tape to measure the length of vintage lace evening gowns prior to purchase so as to you know how long it will be in practice.

Just follow these instructions that are given above and you are good to go! Take control of your own rehearsal dinner like a truly independent woman!

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