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Prep your Hair Holi-Ready

Study shows that, people are more conscious for their skin while playing Holi, but one cannot avoid their Hair as Holi Colours are made of cruel chemicals and dyes which harms you hair badly. Holi Colours causes various problems to your hair which may cause rough and split ends.

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  • Apply Oil before you start playing Holi. It is good to apply Coconut or Olive Oil for better protection.
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. As Dry hair are more prone towards damages.
  • Cover your Hair with thin scarf to avoid direct contact of color into your hair.


  • Apply Lemon Juice to cut off the colours from your hair.
  • Pamper your hair with natural ingredients for healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Use Mild Shampoo and make sure your hair is properly cleansed and the colours have gone.
  • Apply homemade hair mask to provide proper nutrients to your hair.
  • Quick Hair Mask can be prepared by the mixture of Ripe Banana and Honey; one can also apply the gel of Flax Seed mixed with Aloevera Gel and Vitamin E. Keep the pack for 1-2 hours and get them off by using a mild shampoo.

Proper care and regular natural treatment will results to a Healthy and Bouncy Hair.

By: Arvind Poswal

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