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Primary Education – Power of the Nation

            Primary education, one of the most important phase of education in one’s life. This is considered as one of the most important lessons as this is the time when the mind starts to develop in full pace and takes in whatever is given. This is the primary reason, why ‘Primary Education’ is so important. The right skills, technology and guidance is very important as the brain at that time does not have any reasoning filters. It happily takes in what it gets. The future of that person, family and nation depends on primary education. I feel quality of primary education is very important than quantity. There are innumerable advantages of primary education and getting that available to the youth of India is our job and duty which should be performed with utmost honesty and integrity.

            As mentioned earlier, quality of primary education is very important than quantity. It is known that the average age of India’s population is below the age of 25; why not turn this to our advantage? Reforming the primary education system can help our country grow tremendously and at a fast pace in the near future. Our main strength is our youth. Still there are countless children in India who do not get that opportunity to study or even know the world of education. This is because of:

  1. Monetary problems
  2. Lack of awareness in parents
  3. No education institutes in interiors
  4. Lack of interest
  5. Undervalued and undertrained lecturers

These are the five ‘major’ reasons why Indian primary education system lacks behind. This percentage is very much minimized in metro cities as everything is made available easily. But we always forget that a majority of our population is rural based and getting education there is more important. Those are the people who form the backbone of our country.

            First of all, we have to spread awareness within parents to stop the so called ‘internal competition and comparison’ within each child. Everyone is unique and has their own set of skills. We should be the ones to enhance their skills further. In India positive reformation will only start if we spread the awareness and benefits of primary education. This is the only way to get parents in rural parts to send their children for the same. They have to know that this is an investment and not a liability. Government should form teams which would look only into this. Lately there have been a lot of progress in the same field, but it has to happen speedily. A total revolution is needed in the India education system rather than just reformation.

            Once the ground is set, we need to focus on the infrastructure and the learning’s provided. We need to compare the teachings at a global level, so the student should not have a problem ahead in life and is ready for anything with confidence. Global education system is way different than ours for many reasons, the primary being technology. This does not mean we can’t get there. We too have all the resources to reach at the top. We just have to make sure the resources reach where they are supposed to reach. Our main strength is our culture and the backbone work which includes farming, pottery etc. These too are very important; we can and should provide education for this as well, so that the proper skills are developed so as to improve and increase efficiency.

            The world has become digital and a day cannot pass without the internet at a global level. But, this percentage is far less for India, as majority being in the rural sector. Private and public sector companies should take regular initiatives to make this available to the people. Adopting small villages is an amazing way to introduce technologies, or for that matter the ‘internet’. One major concern and challenge is getting in skilled professors and lecturers who can provide in the required knowledge. The solution to this is setting up intensive training sessions for lecturers, taken up by the government. This in turn can help impart knowledge to the youth.

            All of this is a long term process, but as it’s said, to get somewhere, the main and the most important thing is to START. The main solution to all this is by creating awareness. There is tremendous and massive potential in India and the youth of the country. Tapping and channelizing these minds is our job. If the primary education is improved, then all the petty issues like corruption, cleanliness, lack of discipline etc, will all diminish without putting in much effort. The solution to all lies in ‘Primary Education’ as that is the time the brain is developing and we have the power to help store the best. Why not make the utmost use of it and plan for a better India. The power of any nation does not lie in the number of weapons the country has but it lies in the hands of the youth by the education provided to them. Let us all take a vow to improve the education system in India.


By: Yash Shah

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