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Prime Minister Narendra Modi – 100 Days

M_Id_412855_Narendra_ModiShanker Ehsaan Loy’s song , ”Mera desh ro raha hai….”, that feel in last 5yrs. No value of democracy, brain took some moment if someone asked who is your Prime Minister? But gradually this scenario keeps changing. It is continuing changing its shape with 100 days of report card which is given by our current Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. With 3 lac km of journey, election rally in 25 state, highly corporate style presidential elections wins billions of heart with promise of ”Good days will come”. Just 5.4% of tenure has completed and report cards come.

 (1) Petrol was once 82.34 Rs/- and now its 76.5 Rs/- which is a bit relief.(prices seen in Pune)

(2)Rupee is stable after stable govt.

(3)Sensex exceeds 27k which is an all time high.

(4)IRCTC is working much faster.

(5)India is making better contacts and bigger deals with other countries.

(6)The speed of some trains has been increased by 30-40 km/h.

(7)We people have been shown a glimpse of bullet trains in India.

(8)One real solid leader is leading us.

(9)Full attendance in cabinet meeting.

(10)Railway stations are getting cleaner.

(11)Cigarette is getting costly.

(12)First PM to visit Kargil after  long time.

(13)2 big projects started in Leh.

(14)India is helping weaker nations financially.

(15)Faster way to reach Vaishno Devi has finally ready though started way back.

(16)Person started taking interest in politics.

(17)First PM understood the importance of Japan

(18)100% FDI in railway. Bullet train will start between Mumbai and Ahmadabad

(19)Investor’s interest in India rebound. Loyalty, fast decision making and trust factor are able to see by investor in the government

(20)Invite neighbor’s country’s PM for shapathvidhi.

(21)Build toilets for Girls and women

(22)Pradhan mantri jan dhan yojna- obliteration of financial untouchability

(23)In a bid to clean up the Ganga Rs 2,037 crore have been allotted

(24) Refuse WTO agreement and understood poor and rural population problem in developing country

(25)FDI raised by 49% in defense sector

(26) Special Investigation Team for unearth black money

(27)Transform India with modi-Online community enables citizens of India to give their collective inputs to the PM.

          Our Prime minister’s actions motivate the people. His presence, commitment and work feel loyalty, authenticity and inspired us to do for a nation.

Not just ki, USME HAMARA KYA.”

By- Priyanka Patel

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