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Probe against NDTV since UPA rule, clarifies Venkaiah Naidu

Amid protests against the CBI raid on the premises of NDTV, Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting M. Venkaiah Naidu today clarified that the probe against NDTV was initiated at the time of the UPA government. He said that people protesting against the raid at NDTV premises are not worried about freedom of press, but they are doing it just because of their hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Naidu further said that the probe against NDTV began in 2011-12, when UPA government was in power at the center.

“What were these people doing then, those who were shouting yesterday? What happened to them when the Congress was in power?….Why this propaganda against our government? Because they are not able to digest Modi….Modi is the most democratic Prime Minister of this country; most dynamic,” Naidu said. Naidu said that opposition parties and leaders are just trying to politicize things in order to boost their anti-Modi campaign. He said that this anti-Modi campaign is happening in many states in the country.

Naidu said that no one is above the law and this protest by NDTV supporters is like taking the law into their own hands. He said that no media agency can claim immunity from legal charges.

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