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Probiotics Explained: Insight into DuPont’s Bloggers Meet at Bangalore

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The mere mention of bacteria living inside us could make the hairs on your body stand with creepy feeling but believe it or not, they live inside of you. Now, you need to understand the fact that every microorganism living inside you isn’t harmful; some of them are actually beneficial for your body. At times, this good bacterial population inside our bodies decreases leading to health and digestive issues. Probiotics are something that helps balance out this issue.

My Experience at Dupont Bloggers Meet

On 8th December, I had an amazing chance to understand about the benefits of probiotics at the Bloggers meet by DuPont. The event was to aware the public of the multiple benefits commemorating into one name, DuPont HOWARU®  Probiotics. This natural combination of good bacteria & yeast helps one resolve multiple health issues with no need to consume medicines.

What is DuPont?

DuPont is the global trendsetter delivering pharma excipients, dietary supplements, as well as nutritional products for health.

Why DuPont HOWARU® Premium Probiotics?

The premium probiotics within the HOWARU® range include things such as beverages, confectionery, frozen desserts, and dairy products. All these products are created from formulations that have been clinically documented in order to meet the needs of the consumer for some natural immunity and better gut health.

The Bloggers Meet

This bloggers meet was initiated to build awareness with regards to Probiotics. The event had several learned and experienced speakers from DuPont that highlighted important facts and figures with regards to Probiotics.

The session started off with Reena Chaudhary, who is the Communication Specialist at DuPont Nutrition & Health for the South Asia division. She briefly described the vision and mission of the company with its intent behind the meeting being hosted. Before Bangalore, the company also hosted similar meets in Delhi and Mumbai.

The session was proceeded forward by DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Regional Product Manager, Prateek Nag. The initial topic that was covered by the speaker was Probiotics basics and its benefits it has for our body.

The science behind Probiotics

This particular topic was elaborated by DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Principal Application Specialist named Dr. Anders Henriksson. He mentioned about several clinical researches carried out for improvement of probiotics. These researchers helped the company develop Probiotics that improve immunity and digestion.

Today, people opt more for the “Prevention” protocol as opposed to the “Treatment” protocol which is why Probiotics stands at the high point in overall consumer market.

Probiotics: Food Vs Medicine

This one important session was elaborated by Chief Clinical Nutritionist & HOD at the Dept of Nutrition & Diabetes named Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi. She explained information related to Immune System, Gut Health, Probiotics in Food & Medicine, Types of Probiotics, and the Importance of maintaining a healthy gut.

Question and Answers

After a good long informational session, we got to the Q & A round where the panelists clarified all our doubts while sharing maximum possible information.

Probiotics Basics

How well known are Probiotics in India?

Indian doctors and pharmacists aren’t well aware of the benefits of Probiotics. However, some natural food items like Yoghurts come with probiotics infused inside of them.

Does consuming probiotics need a prescription?

The probiotic products provided by DuPont are completely approved by FSSAI. These products are safe for consumption on a daily basis, especially if you suffer from dietary issues. It is better if you consumer the probiotics daily in order to avoid the onset of any health issue.


This bloggers meet helped me understand more about this amazing product and the company DuPont-Nutrition & Health. The research team is great and explained the uses of this products in a fairly easy manner with its interactive Q&A session.

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