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Product Review | Nature’s Essence Apricot Scrub

fullsizerender Scrubbing should be an essential part of our regular skin care regime, at least once or twice every week. I bought the ‘apricot face and body scrub’ from Nature’s Essence, and have been using this since a couple of weeks. The 120m pack of the scrub costs only Rs 80 (on Flipkart) and around the same in retail stores. The product comes in a very vibrant packing and has a shelf life of three years.

Nature’s Essence Apricot Scrub is a face and body scrub, made with apricot oil and aloe vera juice. Hence, the product also has moisturizing properties. Through my experience I can say that it works really well and better if used as a body scrub. It kind of polishes the skin and gives a radiant shine. I’d recommend this scrub to everyone who’s looking for a scrub that instantly brightens their skin.

Apart from scrubbing, I found the product very useful while doing manicure or pedicure a home. Moreover, through exfoliation, it also removes tan from our skin. Extra-sensitive skin types should be careful while using it on their face since it can get a tad bit harsh. The product brightens the face instantly after every usage and removals all the dirt, extra-oiliness from the face. The base is milk white in colour with a fruity fragrance, and the consistency is almost thick.

Finally, I would wind up with my verdict. Nature’s Essence Apricot Scrub comes at a really low price, and has extended benefits, apart from just scrubbing. According to me, this is one of the best budget scrubs I’ve come across.

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