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Product Review of Lakme Moisturizer

Catch me if you can!

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This month my parlour visit literally made me to think how to save money for my pimple treatment. My wallet got empty just for simple acne treatment. I recalled my subconscious mind to gather all the tips to cure acne at the time of puberty. My subconscious mind told me, “baby, moisturize your skin” . O My God! How can I forget a simple formula of keeping my skim pimple free by putting Moisturizer.

Since childhood, lakme is my favourite moisturizer. I like it’s fruity smell and lovely pink texture that perfectly goes well with my skin tone. It makes me pinky blush with peach and other fruity smell.

120 ml of Lakme Moisturizer costs me 230INR. That is quite less than my parlour acne treatment.

I use peach Moisturizer with sp24++. It moisturizes the skin as well protect face from harmful sun rays with its sunscreen properties.

I saw difference in my pimples just after 5 days of use of Lakme Moisturizer.

Scientifically it is also proven moisturized skin keeps one healthy and pimples free.

I would suggest you always apply Moisturizer before using any other cream or foundation.

Go silky with lakme peach Moisturizer.

 By: Archana Raula

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