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Project Himank is now world’s highest motorable road; surpasses Khardung La

In a new record, India has built a new highest motorable road in the world, which effectively surpasses the earlier record held by Khardung La. The new highest motorable road in the world is Project Himank, which is at a height of 19,300 feet. This makes it higher than Khardung La (17,900 ft.) and Changla Pass (17,695 ft.). The road is located in the Ladakh region and it connects Chisumle and Demchok villages, which are around 230 km from Leh. These villages are quite near to the India-China border. This major construction feat was achieved by the Border Roads Organization (BRO), which is the same organization that had constructed the Khardung La road. Brigadier DM Purvimath, the chief engineer of the project appreciated the efforts put in by the BRO personnel and congratulated them for their achievement.

Building the world’s highest motorable road was no easy task, as there were numerous challenges that had to be dealt with. The BRO personnel risked their lives to build the road. Construction was difficult since the area witnesses extreme temperatures. Even in summers, the temperature is around -20 degree Celsius. In winters, it drops to -40 degree Celsius. Moreover, oxygen is around 50 percent at these altitudes. All these factors make road construction a highly challenging job. Bringing in supplies and raw materials to these locations is also a major challenge. Machines and equipment are often compromised at these high altitudes and breakdowns were common. However, BRO personnel persevered and now they have completed the world’s highest motorable road. People who have been to Khardung La will definitely want to explore this new destination now.

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