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What is amethyst stone?

Amethyst is a crystal of the quartz family. The properties of amethyst stone are tremendously abundant and can positively influence many aspects of our life. It is characterized by its violet color, which can be more or less intense depending on the amount of iron contained in the stone.

It is a very resistant stone; however it is susceptible to heat. Depending on the temperature at which you can submit your color can change from violet to yellow, strong orange, or green. These changes in coloration are due to the alteration in the electrons it contains.

The amethyst stone is a quartz of magmatic origin . Its formation is found in sites rich in iron oxide, hence its purple color. The most common is to find the amethyst coating the interior of agates in the form of geodes.

Characteristics of amethyst quartz

Every woman has the need to show herself to the world as it is, to enjoy life and everything that she offers. The amethyst has the characteristic of highlighting the positivity of our life, both in our own attitude and that of our environment.

Currently, women have to face a large number of conflicting situations that often make us feel exhausted, tired and unwilling to change heavy routines; the amethyst can help you feel that this daily load weighs a little less each day.

It is characterized by having a double functionality, affecting both the woman’s body and her thinking. When the quartz has a darker violet color it has an effect on the physical part of the body, however, when the crystal is lighter it has a more energetic or emotional effect.

The properties of the amethyst are the same whether this purple quartz is polished or natural. Size is not something that matters, but its quality. To know if an amethyst stone is of quality, the tips and their structure must be well formed.

There are different qualities of crystals; the best is the Brazilian amethyst. You have to be careful because in many places they sell citrino reheated as if it were an amethyst. Look closely because its appearance is more opaque and lack of color.

How to clean the amethyst from negative ions

Minerals break when they are excessively loaded with negative ions. That’s why I insist so much on the cleanliness, the loads and the programming of the different minerals, since these factors are fundamental so that the amethyst and the rest of the precious stones maintain their balance and you can enjoy all the properties that these minerals offer you. They contribute It is recommended to clean and load the stones every two months. Next, I’ll explain how:

To clean a stone, it is necessary to clean it with a cold infusion of a pennyroyal mint or with seawater. The cold-infused amethyst should be put for 3 days in the light of the moon, never in the sunlight. On the third day you will pick it up by your hands and give it a single order 3 times. Out loud, clear and firm you must indicate your intention for that stone.

I would like to emphasize, the importance of charging the amethyst with the light of the moon, never with the sun since it is a mineral whose solar radiations wear a lot of color.

How to charge and program the energy amethyst

What happens if the amethyst has already fulfilled its function?

As I have said several times, after using a purple stone you should clean it and load it. The way I recommend loading an amethyst stone is to bury it next to a plant for a couple of weeks. Better if it is taken out when there is a full or rising moon, it is cleaned, it is reloaded and it is programmed with a new order. When recovering it you may notice that it has lost some color, if this happens it is better to leave it with the plant or take it to a sea or river.

With order I mean give a specific message. Imagine that the stone is a pile. The order will be the plug that will connect that energy with what you want to achieve. You must send a mental message to the stone with what you want to get from it. It can be better sleep, be calmer, more creativity…

When it comes to recharging precious stones that you have inherited, because you can inherit precious stones, the load should be positive. As long as you have a nice memory of your former owner. If it were not like that, before cleaning it, bury the purple stone in a pot that you like a lot for 7 days.

Each mineral can have a certain function. If you want to get the maximum benefit of an amethyst and enjoy all its properties, you must program it with a unique and direct function. Repeat it three times. You must program it correctly with the clear intention of what you want. When an amethyst takes a long time with the same function, it is necessary to clean it, charge it and program it as I have indicated, in order to continue enjoying the properties of this purple quartz.

Since past times women have been lovers of crystals, not only for its great beauty and elegance, but also for its many uses in family life as in the personal. Minerals allow us to understand our life more and make it easier every day.

Its double functional power helps us to find emotional stability, with an open, creative and constructive thought, at the same time that it will help us to reduce muscular pains like heaviness in the shoulders, to regulate and stimulate the production of hormones and even to decrease pain in menstruation.

You will manage to feel an energetic woman, sure in the decisions and with a high self-esteem. It will help to diminish the jealousy with your partner, to feel more attractive and to raise the sexual livid.

It is a very effective stone that with just 10 minutes a day that is in contact with your skin you will begin to enjoy the magical results. Do not hesitate to learn how gems work in our body and you will achieve the benefits we have told you.

There are times when you do not know very well why but your purple quartz is broken. And not one but several times. As this is a question that I am asked so often, I will explain the reasons why you can break your stone.

  • What does it mean that my amethyst stone breaks? ·

Purple quartz can break for two reasons:

  • It is not in order to you: it may happen that the energy charge of this mineral is not high enough for you.
  • It is negatively charged: to avoid being negatively charged, I advise you to clean your stone frequently.

If your amethyst gem has been broken, bury the pieces in a living plant or throw them into the sea.

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