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Protestors in Tamil Nadu attempt to burn Modi’s effigy after ban on cattle sale for slaughter

Protests against the recently introduced ban on sale of cattle for slaughter are getting stronger in several parts of the country. In Tamil Nadu, protestors tried to burn the effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. DMK leader MK Stalin also strongly opposed the ban saying that such rules are a threat to the secular fabric of the country. In a twitter post, he said, “Repeal the Beef Ban Law immediately that infringes on the right of every citizen to make their food choices.” Another of his tweet related to the ban read, “India is a federal union and BJP Government should recuse itself from endangering the pluralism by instituting monolithic laws”.

Beef fests organized in Kerala in protest against the ban on sale of cattle for slaughter

Protestors in Kerala organized beef festivals in various places in the state. The protests were led by various political parties such as the ruling CPI (M)-led LDF and opposition Congress-headed UDF. Protests were also held outside the state secretariat, where protestors cooked beef on the streets and distributed it among people. It may be recalled that beef is widely consumed in Kerala. Similar protests were carried out in Kollam, Kochi, Thodupuzha and other places. A Congress leader Bindu Krishna even said that beef dish will be packed and send via post office for delivery to PM Modi. DYFI national president Mohammed Riyaz said, “We will eat beef to show our protest against the central government. We want to tell this to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

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