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Protocol plus – A beginner guide

Proactol Plus - A Beginner Guide newspatrolling

Proactol is a fat binder that prevents fat from depositing in your body thus allowing you to answer how to lose 10 pounds in a week. It is a completely natural, organic product and has hardly any side effects. First launched in the UK a few years ago, Proactol is a revolution in the field of weight loss supplements. Many people spend thousands of dollars for weight loss pills and supplements and receive no results, but Proactol is different from these. It attacks the problem of fat from two different angles, with soluble fibers that lower appetite and non-soluble fibers which bind the fat.

How does it work?

People gain excessive weight because of the accumulation of fat in the body. To lose it again, people take up dietary plans and exercise regimens, but it is difficult to maintain a strict dietary plan for extended periods of time, and when people break the dietary plan, they often gain the weight back and then more. Proactol has two benefits, and they combine together to make you lose weight faster and also maintain the weight lost.

These benefits are:

Fat binders – Proactol is prepared in such a way that it binds the fat and forms a gel in your stomach, which is passed out from the body through your bowels. You can eat your delicious dishes, and automatically the percentage of your fat absorption is reduced without any effort on your part.

Appetite suppressants – Proactol makes you feel fuller, so you will eat less food and will stay fuller for a longer period of time once the meal is over. As a result, there will be less calorie intake, which means less fat.

In both ways, Proactol helps you. It absorbs fats and also helps you maintain your diet plan by reducing your appetite. If you want to see a dramatic change in your weight, adopt a regular exercise plan as well.


Proactol reduces excess body weight.

It helps to maintain your goal weight once you reach it.

It binds 30% of the fat from your food intake.

It reduces cholesterol levels and lowers the appetite to reduce food cravings.

You can continue to eat your favorite foods and still reduce your weight.


One of Proactol’s components, opuntia, may interact with medicines for cholesterol. It may also impair vitamin absorption in the body, and unlike other diet pills, it is not an energy booster.

Cost of Proactol:

Proactol has Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Weight Management packs. The Bronze pack contains a four week supply of 120 pills and is priced at $68.95. The Silver pack contains 240 pills and costs $265.80. The Gold pack costs $389 and contains a 12 week supply of 360 tablets. The Diamond pack lasts for 16 weeks and contains 480 pills and a 90-pill supply of Pure Acai Berry, and this costs $589 altogether.


Proactol is a 100% clinically proven supplement to reduce weight and cholesterol levels in the body. You can use this pill to lose weight and keep it off without giving up on good food. If taken with regular exercise, it will make a dramatic change to your body weight. For many dieters, the loss of their favorite foods is often a deal breaker when choosing a new diet or supplement, and Proactol is an ideal alternative for them. Remember that when you begin a new program, you should always consult with your physician first.

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