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Pune’s First ‘Mind Mastery For Traders’ Workshop Receives Encouraging Response

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Mind Mastery for Traders workshop organized by Aarya Consulting has received a tremendous response from a packed audience of stock traders across the Pune City.

The potential audience gathered to hear from a prominent stock trader and founder of Aarya Consulting, Mr Shailesh Mamidwar, followed by a guest speaker – Mr. Anand Kulkarni, Psychologist and Corporate trainer, about the importance of positive thinking and a disciplined trading mindset at The E Square Hotel at University Road.

What is the optimal trading mindset? How do traders train the mind to reach a zen-like state when committing to trading in a volatile market – and inadvertently walk away with returns that forward their goals? These are just some of the questions that were covered at the one-day Mind Mastery For Traders workshop organized by Aarya Consulting as a part of the A Trader Within program, covering the psychological aspects of stock trading.

Not every stock trader is able to reach their full inner potential when trading. The A Trader Within workshop covered extensively, the decision making, the psychology of trading and adapting mindsets to the market so that financial goals can be identified, targeted and achieved.

“I got a lot of insights on trading and the mindset related to it, which are not provided by any other trading institutes that I have come across so far.” Says Amol Fadtare, an active stock trader from Pune.

Lack of discipline, impatience, controlling fear on entry, greed and knowing when to stop losses were just a few of the topics that the program’s eminent and proven traders spoke extensively about. Mr. Shailesh also shared one simple trading strategy – Torbit, which works very well if a trader has patience and discipline. The goal of the program was to expand the knowledge of the traders who profited through simple mind exercises, analytics, control techniques, and introspective thinking that helps uncover the secrets that the world’s most experienced stock traders have closely guarded. If you feel you’ve missed out on this grand opportunity you can still catch a glimpse of the workshop on Aarya Consulting’s official Facebook handle.

The program received extensive media coverage from national publishers for its holistic approach and was enthusiastically attended by a select crowd of progressive stock traders from Pune.

Vineet, A professiobal NSE Stock trader says, the workshop not only talks about how you can have effective trading skills but it also talks about your mindset

Mind Mastery For Traders is an extensive program by Aarya Consulting’s founder and mainstay, Mr. Shailesh Mamidwar and Mr. Anand Kulkarni – who are a proponent of deciphering and propagating the skills and mindset necessary for massive trading success.

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