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Punjab CM Amarinder Singh Summoned By Court In Income Tax Case

In a major setback to his corruption free state drive in Punjab, CM Amarinder Singh himself was summoned by a magisterial court in Ludhiana in an income tax case.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Jaapinder Singh has directed Chief Minister Singh to appear in court on July 20.

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CM Amarinder Singh is being accused of false statements, wilful omission in providing required information to the Income Tax department and obstructing its officials from performing their duties.

The complaint claims that “The then CM tried to obstruct the functioning of public servant by non-cooperation on one hand and levying baseless and false allegations of malice, arbitrariness and non-application of mind on the officers, which was covered in the purview of section 186 of IPC.” 

The Income Tax department of India filed a complaint in court related to the transactions from 2005 to 2009 when one Jacaranda Trust was created abroad and Mr Singh’s son was alleged to have been a settler of the Trust.

CM Amarinder Singh has been alleged to be the beneficiary.

The complaint also read that, “The invalid and improper affidavit filed to query dated March 30, 2016 to avoid answering to the factum of transfer of property P29, Marine Mansions, Dubai & the factum of Jacaranda Trust that he (Amarinder Singh) can’t recall the same amounts to false statement made in affidavit which is a punishable offence under section 277 of Income Tax Act and under sections 177, 181, 193 and 199 of IPC.”

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