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Punjab government bans names of ministers, MLAs on foundation stones

Aiming to end the trend of VIP culture in Punjab, the state government has banned the inscription of names on foundation stones and inaugural plaques. Earlier, as per the standard practice, government functionaries including ministers and MLAs used to get their names inscribed on foundation stones and inaugural plaques. This was often used to show the power or clout wielded by a government functionary. It also resulted in the dilution of the purpose for which the foundation stone may have been installed.

It may be recalled that earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had stopped using the red beacon light on his vehicle. This was one of the poll promises made by the Congress in its election manifesto. After Singh removed the red beacon light, his cabinet ministers also followed on his footsteps and removed their beacons too. Singh is also said to have stood in a queue while he was in the process of boarding a flight from Chandigarh to Mumbai. He was travelling to Mumbai to take part in an event called Invest Punjab. 

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