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Punjab’s dalit icon Jhabbar joins AAP

The AAM Aadmi Party (AAP) gets a booster with Dalit icon Bant Singh Jhabbar joining the party as the state gears up for Assembly polls in 2017.

Jhabbar was a renowned face of CPI (ML) in Punjab.

The joining of Jhabbar was announced by AAP leader Sanjay Singh in twitter. AAP has been trying to woo Jhabbar from last few months.

Party had earlier wanted to honor Jhabbar during a program observing 125th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar. Then he had denied to accept the honor.

AAP believes Jhabbar will be the face of 30% dalits in the state.

Jhabbar a resident of Burj Jhabbar village in Mansa district. He came in to lime light after he was attacked by a group of people belonging to the upper caste. In the attack he had lost his arms and leg.

They assaulted him for ensuring his daughter’s rapists get life in jail.

If AAP leaders are to be believed several dalit activists and leaders have joined the party.

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