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Friday, 7th November

Shilpakala Vedika





7:30 pm



Inaugural Ceremony



Festival Inauguration by

Hon’ble Governor of Telangana, Shri E.S.L. Narasimhan


The Primetime Theatre Co.’s (Mumbai)

‘Boiled Beans on Toast’

Directed by Lillete Dubey

Featuring Joy Sengupta, Deepika Amin, Anuschka Sawhney and others.


Girish Karnad’s latest play about modern city life in its many shadow-shapes – funny, tender, moving, relentless in its pursuit of success, buffeted by ceaseless emotional flux.


English/120 minutes


Saturday, 8th November

Ravindra Bharathi

6 pm


7:30 pm


Release of writer and theatre critic

Kadir Zaman’s ‘Open Book’



Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation’s (Hyderabad)


Directed by Mohammad Ali Baig.

Featuring Rashmi Seth, Mohammad Ali Baig, Noor Baig and others.


A biographical spectacle based on the life of the Queen of the Golconda who has a unique place in world history. The acclaimed play received standing ovations in Canada and USA this September.


Urdu/65 minutes


Sunday, 9th November

Ravindra Bharathi

11 am-1 pm


6 pm










7:30 pm


Workshop on

‘Techniques of Circus Theatre’

by La Compagnie 3 Fois Rien from France


Murray Molloy’s (Spain)

‘The Kid’s Got Charisma!’

Directed by Murray Molloy


Theatre, acrobatics, sword-eating, improvisations; all in a single performance by the ‘world’s only sword-eating’ performer.


English/45 minutes


La Compagnie 3 Fois Rien’s (France)

‘2 Parallels’


Circus theatre in pure contemporary European theatre mode; entertaining and spectacular.


55 minutes


Monday, 10th November

Ravindra Bharathi

7:30 pm


Rallapalli’s (Hyderabad)

‘Sundari Subba Rao’

Directed by Rallapalli

Featuring Vizag Prasad, Rallapalli and others.


A comedy of errors; a hilarious love tale in Telugu set in Srikakulam.


Telugu/60 minutes


Tuesday, 11th November

Ravindra Bharathi

7:30 pm


Vani Ganapathy’s (Bengaluru)


Directed by Vani Ganapathy.

Featuring Vani Ganapathy & Sathyanarayana Raju.


A dance-theatre spectacle through the perspective of ‘doors’, from the mighty fortress to the divine temple to the ordinary house.


English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada, Tamil/105 minutes


Wednesday, 12th November

Ravindra Bharathi

7:30 pm


IPTA’s (Mumbai)

‘Simla Coffee House’

Directed by Rakkesh Bedi.

Featuring Rakkesh Bedi, S.M. Zaheer, Asif Shaikh and Nivedita Baunthyal.


A hilarious encounter between a writer and his fan set in a coffee shop, a la IPTA.


Hindi/90 minutes


Thursday, 13th November

Salar Jung Museum

6 pm







7:30 pm


Mohan Agashe’s (Pune)

‘The One & Only Nana’

Directed by Mohan Agashe.


Indian classic ‘Ghasiram Kotwal’s’ character Nana takes a trip into the present with meaningful and humorous anecdotes.


English/60 minutes


Sakshi’s (New Delhi)

‘Jug Jug Jiyo’

Directed by Smita Bharati.

Featuring Dolly Ahluwalia, Mita Vasisht, and others.


Based on real stories of women of Haryana and Chhatisgarh, who have endured sex selective elimination, female foeticide and infanticide.


Hindi/70 minutes


Friday, 14th November

Salar Jung Museum

7:30 pm


Rangakarmee’s (Kolkata)


Directed by Usha Ganguli.


A day in the life of a factory worker named Maya, symbolic of every woman, humorous and insightful – based on the work of Franca Rame and Dario Fo.


Hindi/60 minutes


Saturday, 15th November

Salar Jung Museum

7:30 pm


Rangakarmee’s (Kolkata)

‘Hum Mukhtara’

Directed by Usha Ganguli

Featuring Usha Ganguli and others.


The true story of a rape victim in pre-Partition India, told on stage with a cast of 30 actors/singers.


Hindi/90 minutes


Sunday, 16th November


11 am-1 pm



Taj Deccan

7:30 pm


Workshop on

‘Rhythm and Body Language on Stage’

by Usha Ganguli



Ank’s (Mumbai)


Directed by Ram Gopal Bajaj

Featuring Preeta Thakur, Aman Gupta and others.


Late Dinesh Thakur’s famous group’s award-winning play. Ibsen’s Nora leaves home to find the space that society usually denies to Indian women.


Hindi/100 minutes


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